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“With an unparalleled history of developing innovative security services, our success is built on long-standing relationships with our loyal clients that require an unwavering focus on operational excellence and client engagement to deliver the best security services.”





Our founder, Nestor Labayen, worked his way from a security officer to a business owner, learning the factors of the business on the job as he pursued several training programs and seminars about the industry of security services. He was working as a security guard when he envisioned to establish his own security guard services company through the encouragement of family and friends who believed in his dream.


He believed that working hard and eventually become CEO of his then dream company, Royal Security Guard Services, Inc., in 1997, has given him a priceless view and exceptional understanding of the contributions of his employees and how they meant to his company. “If you have not reported for work during holidays, then you have no idea what it means to be a security officer,” he points out. His desire and passion was for each of his security officers to feel that there is a great opportunity for him or her to be successful in his company. His purpose was to build upon the legacy that was given to him, and found it an honor to lead his company.


Royal Guard Services, has offered security services and protection since 1997. Currently, it continues to deliver security services to its loyal clients, as it transitioned to a new company, NM Security Guard Services, after his passing away in September, 2016.

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